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The hookah, or shisha as it is referred to by some, represents one of the oldest Middle Eastern traditions. Originating in Eastern Asia in the 1600s, this tradition has continuously grown in popularity and has transcended distance to reach all parts of the globe. Its beauty lies in its ever-expanding range of flavours, and in the ability to bring people together in a relaxing and social environment. These environments are made possible through the many lounges and restaurants that have begun to serve shisha as a part of their menu. However, the experience at Cyan is like no other. We confidently assert that Cyan carries the best shisha in Richmond Hill, with a wide selection of flavours ranging from the traditional Double Apple to the unique special blends created by Cyan, and unmatched by any other hookah lounge. Offering a wide variety of options including regular bowls, orange bowls and enhancements to the base of the shisha, we at Cyan guarantee that we will make your entire experience that much more unique. What also makes Cyan hookah the best in Richmond Hill is the unmatched care every shisha receives; each shisha is fully washed and sanitized after every use and Cyan uses disposable pipes and the best kinds of charcoal to ensure your comfort, peace of mind and safety.

Middle Eastern Food

In addition to the shisha, the environment at Cyan is enhanced through our fusion of traditional Middle Eastern culture, with modern Western décor. Walking into Cyan may not remind you of the Middle East, but you won’t have to look far to find the traditional Arabic culture, as opening our menu and tasting our food will certainly expose you to the best Middle Eastern food in Richmond Hill.